‘’ Fresh Mexican cuisine from the American Southwest ’’

Dine-in (or on our terrace): Nice! Walk-in dining from 12PM to 21PM. We do not take reservations, so first come first serve!

Pick-up/Delivery: Great! Avoid waiting in line; enjoy your favourite Nico’s meal at home. We only deliver Friday/Sunday 5PM/9PM.


Served fresh from our kitchens for over 4 decades

The first Nico’s opened its doors in 1982


What started as a small independent restaurant, has transformed into a popular family business. Nico's was founded by Nicolas Moran Carreon in San Diego, and in 1993, his brother Prieto opened the first Nico's in Arizona. Today, 24 locations can be found scattered across San Diego and Arizona.
In 2023, the very first Nico’s international location opened its doors in Eindhoven. All locations are run by the children and grandchildren of Nicolas and his brothers and sisters. And business continues to grow; but make no mistake, Nico’s is not a chain or franchise (at least for now).

Tasty, fresh and homemade

By the taste alone, you can definitely tell that Nico’s is no chain restaurant!! From flour & corn tortillas to salsas, everything is homemade and prepared in the kitchen daily. On the menu, you’ll find many authentic dishes, based on flavors from the U.S. Southwest – California, Arizona and Texas — as well as Northern Mexico. Food from this area is better known as ‘’TexMex’’.

A fast/casual restaurant

When you eat at Nico’s, it feels like you are dining in the USA! The food, the atmosphere, the tasty food made-to-order, all in a casual fast-food style restaurant. After placing your order at the counter, simply choose a table and we’ll bring you your meal when it’s ready (usually within 10 minutes). While we’re not a full-service restaurant, we will check in on you just to make sure everything is to your liking. In the USA, this “fast-food” style of dining is extremely popular because life there evolves around convenience. Come dine-in with us to experience this truly American restaurant experience yourself!
Our Menu

Nico’s Classics And Authentic TexMex

Check out our most popular items below, some of which have been on the menu for over 40 years. Would you like to see more images? Click on the ‘’menu’’ button shown below.
One our combo plates with a shredded beef taco and cheese enchilada. Both with fresh homemade corn tortillas. All combo plates come with rice and refried beans.
A true classic burrito filled with grilled steak, pico de gallo, fries, and cheese.
A deep-fried burrito with your favorite filling. Covered in red enchilada sauce, topped with sour cream and cheese. Comes with guacamole and pico de gallo on the side.
Crispy homemade flour tortilla with sugar and cinnamon.

Be the planchero/a!

Or let us cater your next event!

Explore our range of products for sale by clicking ‘Retail’, or discover catering options by clicking ‘Catering’. We’re here to assist in creating the perfect menu for your event!


Here’s what people say about Nico’s…

It’s really hard to find authentic Mexican food in the Netherlands (and Europe ) but this place really blowed me away. As Mexican I can say that they (mexicans as well) put a great effort to make authentic and delicious food.
Orlando Vazquez
I'm surprised this restaurant isn't listed first in Google when you search for Mexican Restaurant Eindhoven. If you like American style Mexican food, you will love this restaurant! Everything was delicious, everything is homemade. The chips, the different tacos, guacamole, beans and rice. We have never had such good Mexican food in Eindhoven!!! Leave those "Dutch" Mexican restaurants for what they are and come experience the real rich taste of how good Mexican food really tastes.
Nicole B
Having lived in california for almost 10 years i was used to eating mexican food all the time from carne asada fries to nacho supreme and california burritos. When i moved to eindhoven there was nothing similar, i would visit mexican restaurants but could not find anything close to this. Nicos is the place if you miss eating at tacos shops. The food is great, ive had carne asada fries, nachos supreme rolled tacos and chimichangas. I already came twice in one week and i will come back soon for sure. The customer service is awesome and so is the agua de horchata.
Bernardo de Alba